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One response to “Stefan Dill | Flower and Song”

  1. Stefan Dill

    In December 2000, my good friend Mark Weber released Flower And Song (Zerx 029), a collection of various duos, all fully improvised.

    One of the principal attractions for me in performing improvised music is the telepathy, the connectivity that can occur between accomplished improvisers: the immediate call and response, the ability to find each others pitches, the simultaneity of rhythmic gestures and phrases – all while hopefully making some compelling music – is what makes improvisation work or not. In short,”chemistry”. The potential to reach that chemistry, that magic which makes all music “happen”, is for me at its greatest in improvised music, because without standard song form, everything rests on the interplay. It is music at its most naked, stripped to essentials – it either happens or it doesn’t. Whether it does here or not is for the listener to decide and enjoy and perplex over.

    Stefan Dill

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